Dr. Roberto Crea


Dr. Roberto Crea spent decades developing innovative products and processes to help improve the lives of millions. World-renowned in the medical biotech field and nutraceuticals industries as one of the scientific founders of Genentech, Inc., his insights, knowledge and skills led him to develop Oliphenol’s patented production process through which the antioxidant, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory power of the olive is segregated and captured in what just a few years ago was considered olive wastewater. Dr. Crea also serves as Oliphenol’s Chief Science Officer, advancing the study, understanding and application of Oliphenol’s growing range of products.


Steve Stansell


Steve Stansell has a keen interest in functional, health-focused nutrition and supplements. With more than 30 years of experience in sales, sales management and marketing and a background in agriculture, Steve will provide key input into the product development process as Oliphenol expands into new product areas and new regions, leading its customer relationship management and outreach.


Ray Chyc


With more than 35 years of business management and an MBA, Ray Chyc brings deep expertise in business development, structure and global business arrangements. He has built successful international infrastructures and will ensure that Oliphenol remains financially sound and well-positioned to serve its growing network of customers, partners and distributors.


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